Early Childhood Musical Education

Early childhood music education takes care of Music Playschool activities for babies and under-school-aged children, as well as preparatory instrument training that lays the groundwork for the hobby of playing an instrument. The teaching is group-based.

The main goal of the Music Playschool (Musiikkileikkikoulu / Muskari) is to ignite and feed the love of music. In this way, the Music Playschool lays the foundation for the Music Institute's endeavor to create a good, lifelong musical relationship for its students. The hobby of music supports a child's growth in many ways, stimulating cognitive, motoric, language and social development, among other things.

The Music Playschool of the Nurmijärvi Music Institute (Numo), offers baby, family, music play, and instrument groups. Baby and family groups, where the guardian is present, consist of 3-month-old babies to 2-year-old toddlers. Children aged 3–6 make music in music play groups, and children aged 5–9 make music in music instrument groups.

The academic year of the Music Playschool includes 31–33 classroom lessons, in addition to which two events are organized for the Music Playschool per year (e.g. Instrument demonstration concert, Christmas party, Spring party). Generally, there are 33 classroom teaching sessions, but due to teacher absences caused by illness, two teaching sessions per year can be canceled without compensation.