General Study Information

The Nurmijärvi Music Institute offers children and young people music education according to the comprehensive curriculum of basic art education. Basic art education is goal-oriented and progresses from one level to another. The starting point, concept and implementation of the teaching are described in detail in the curriculum of the Institute.

The music studies at the institute usually last 8-12 years. The progress of the studies is divided into basic (perustaso) and advanced (syventävä) level music studies. The content of the teaching is divided into musical instrument studies, basics of music studies (mupe), and collective music making. Musical instrument lessons are given as individual lessons, whereas the basics of music and collective music making are taught in groups. The students perform in music school concerts and solos and in groups.

Basic musical instrument studies consist of the beginner´s level and the basic levels 1-3. At the basiclevel, music studies are supported by Mupe (basics of music) courses 1-4, and ensemble music making (at least 2 academic years). Advanced musical studies are shaped according to the wishes and tendencies of the student, and they culminate with a final concert. Advanced musical studies are supported by advanced mupe studies (at least 2 semesters) and ensemble music making (at least 2 academic years).

In addition to the actual Music Institute tuition, Nurmijärvi Music Institute offers early childhood music education (Music Playschool and Preparatory Instrument Training). This prepares for further studies at the Music Institute, as well as for free-form instrument lessons in the Open Department.

After completing the basic level studies, the student receives a basic level certificate from the Music Institute (musiikkiopiston perustason todistus) . After completing the advanced studies, the student receives a Music Institute graduation certificate (musiikkiopiston päättötodistus).

You can take a gap year from Music Institute studies if you wish. During a gap year no tuition fees are charged, but the reservation fee for a study place must be paid.

Credits required for the basic level certificate:

  • Instrument level performances 1-3
  • Basics of music 1-4
  • Ensemble playing (at least 2 academic years)

Credits required for the Music Institute graduation certificate:

  • Final concert
  • Advanced studies in the basics of music (at least 2 terms)
  • Ensemble playing (at least 2 academic years)