Vauvamuskarit (312 kk + huoltaja), 30 min

Vauvamuskari is a cheerful recreation activity for parents and baby together, which you already can participate in when the baby is a few months old. In baby groups, we sing, move, and rhyme and enjoy being together.

Perheryhmät (12-vuotiaat + huoltaja), 40 min

You are welcome to increase your repertoire of nursery rhymes and songs together with your child – learnt together, they bring joy even at home! Music play school activities such as dancing, singing and playing rhythm instruments, provide positive stimulation and support the child's development.

Musiikkileikkiryhmät (36-vuotiaat), 45 min

In the music play groups, children get acquainted by singing, playing and moving with the basic concepts of music: rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre and form structures. This forms a valuable basis for continuing later on with instrument studies. These groups are attended without a guardian.

Päiväkotimuskarit (3–6-vuotiaille)

Music play school activities in kindergartens take place during the care day at a time agreed with the kindergarten. There are groups for both 3–4-year-old and 5–6-year-old kindergarten children.

Ukulele- ja kannelmuskari (57-vuotiaat), 45 min

In the instrument groups, basics of playing technique, concentration on playing and reading music are practiced, as well as singing and playing, just like in other muskari groups. The lessons also introduce various solo instruments (strings and wind instruments, guitar, piano, accordion), which you can learn to play at Numo.

Rytmimuskari (5–9-vuotiaat), 45 min   Watch the video

In the Poppis rhythm group, we get to know the basics of music through the means of rhythm music. We use the musical instrument of a school music class. Let's learn about band instruments and sound reproduction devices. You can continue from Rytmimuskari to study light or classical music, both of them will benefit from it. The teacher is Eero Purhonen.Pianomuskarit, Piano play groups (6-year-olds), 45 min (15+30)

Pianomuskarit (6−7-vuotiaat), 45 min (15+30)

With the help of pattern sheet music, learning the basics of playing the piano is easy and exciting; each note has its own color and the octave range has its own pattern. In addition to playing the piano, we play and sing, as in other muskari groups. The teacher is Tanja Kangaskoski.

Karusellimuskarit (69-vuotiaat), 45 min

In Karusellimuskari, you get to know a wide range of different instruments, so that it becomes easier to choose your own instrument. The selection of instruments includes, for example, kannel, recorder, ukulele and violin. In addition, the instrument teachers visit the groups and introduce the instruments.