Instrument Tuition at the Nurmijärvi Music Institute

The instrument tuition at the Music Institute is goal-oriented and progresses systematically from one level to the next.. At each level, the students play repertoire representing a certain level of difficulty, practice scales, study music reading, and the technical challenges of the instrument are introduced little by little. A student moves on to the next level of difficulty when he has accumulated enough repertoire, learned the required scales, has sufficient control of the instrument, and when he completed a level performance The requirements for each level and the contents of the level performance are described in the curriculum skill levels.

Basic level studies progress subsequently from beginner´s level to basic level 3. If the student has already played music before the Music Institute or if he starts at a little older age, the starting level is defined individually. The pace of progress is free, but the goal should always be a Basic Level Certificate or a Music Institution Graduation Certificate.

Participating in classes of Mupe (basics of music) and in ensemble playing, is always a part of the studies at the Music Institute. However, these studies do not have to be done every year.

Music tuition at Nurmijärvi Music Institute employs various styles and methods. You can read personal descriptions and pedagogical concepts of each teacher on the Staff page.

We offer lessons in the following instruments: viulu, alttoviulu, sello, kontrabasso, trumpetti, käyrätorvi, pasuuna, huilu, klarinetti, saksofoni, oboe, fagotti, cembalo, piano, urut, harmonikka, kantele, kitara, harppu. The organization of tuition in the different agglomerations is shown on the website at 'Teaching Premises'.