Support Association of the Nurmijärvi Music Institute

Nurmijärvi Music Institute is a private educational institution, which is maintained by the Support Association of the Nurmijärvi Music Institute.

The Support Association of the Music Institute holds two annual meetings, where a board of directors for the association is elected, and action plans, budgets and financial statements are approved. The association's board consists of six members, and the principal acts as presenter and secretary at board meetings. The municipality of Nurmijärvi and the staff of the Music Institute always have representation on the board.

The membership fee for individual members is €20. Guardians of music school students can join the Support Association in connection with a student's new registration, or with the annual study place renewal. Anyone else can join the music school's support association, too, by notifying the office at kanslia(at)

A company can also be a supporter member in the Support Association. In this way, the company can support young people from Nurmijärvi, and in return get visibility in the printed products, events, social media, and website of the Music Institute. There are three levels of supporter membership, from which the company can choose the most suitable option, based on budget and coverage. More information about business support membership at kanslia(at)

The Support Association's annual meetings are in October and March. The board meets six times a year. 

Kannatusyhdistyksen hallitus 2023

  • Elina Ala-Nikkola, chairman
  • Tanja Rontu-Hokkanen, vice chairman


  • Henrik Holmström: opettajakunnan edustaja
  • Marja Viljamaa: representative of the municipality
  • Niina Nykänen
  • Sampo Karpo


  • Tuomas Nyberg

Presenter and Secretary: Principal Tuomas Mali