There are no entrance exams to Nurmijärvi Music Institute. You can register as a student in April-May using the form at If student places become available during the autumn term, a complementary registration will be opened in December.

Basic level music tuition, tuition in the open department, music playschool, instrument preparatory training, and choirs have each their own registration forms. The registration form for basic level music tuition asks for personal information, the primary and secondary choice of instrument, and preferences for the teaching location. In addition, we ask you to tell us about any previous music studies, your family's musical hobbies, and the possibility of committing to music institute studies. Fill out only one registration form.

Information about studying at the Music Institute can be found in the menu of this website under ‘Tuition’. Before filling out the registration form, please familiarize yourself with our selection of instruments and watch the instrument presentation videos.

Nurmijärvi Music Institute offers a broad selection of musical instruments, sorted by agglomerations:

  • Klaukkala: piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, accordion, kantele, guitar, trombone, clarinet, double bass, trumpet, French horn, oboe, bassoon, saxophone, recorder
  • Nurmijärvi Kirkonkylä: piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, accordion, kantele, guitar, clarinet, harp
  • Rajamäki: piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, trombone

The Choirs rehearse in Monikko, Klaukkala.

Music Playschool and preparatory instrumental training are organized in the three agglomerations, the offer varies every year.