Eepos - Education management system

Eepos is a education management system used by Nurmijärvi Music Institute, that allows students to enter their personal information concerning music studies. After enrollment, the student will receive an ID to enter a personal profile.

The address of Nurmijärvi Music Institute´s Eepos is

Eepos shows the study contents, records the semester plans and feedback agreed between teacher and student. As an exception, notifications of termination of the studies need to be written to by 13.12.

In the Eepos, the student and guardian can:

  • enrolment as a student
  • follow ones studies
  • accumulate a study portfolio
  • update contact information and define filming and publishing permissions
  • view the semester plans and feedback recorded by the teacher
  • review performance and verbal feedback
  • view instrument loans

Eepos IDs

Eepos IDs are delivered by e-mail in connection with further registration or receiving a student place from the sender Eepos-postitus. There are two types of IDs:

  • Student ID. All students who have their own e-mail address.
  • Guardian ID. All the guardians of the pupils under 18 years. The guardians of several students have only one id with which they can follow the studies of all their children.

If you have forgotten your Eepos password, the easiest way to find it is in your e-mail (sender Eepos-postitus), you can also change the forgotten password yourself. In case of problems, the study secretary will help:

There is a free Eepos app available for mobile devices (AppStore / GooglePlay Store). You can log in to the application with the credentials of both the student and the guardian. The app provides easy and secure access to study information, notifies you of incoming messages and updates (Notifications), and displays the student's calendar, assessments, and school bulletins. Logging in to the application works with the same credentials as the browser version of Eepos. The application remembers the login, so it is enough to log in only once.


You can get more detailed information about Eepos here.